Early-Morning Explorations


This morning, around 4:30am, it became obvious that I would NOT be going back to sleep.  After I got up and cooked breakfast, I noticed how beautiful the fog looked with the sun creeping up behind the trees.  Once I finished my coffee and gathered the gumption to go out into the cold, I was most certainly glad that I did.  There is really nothing like an autumn sunrise over a soybean field.

one prominent tree

There are two old barns on the property where I live and they are filled with a myriad of old things.

side view front barn

Some of these things are, to put it lightly, junk.

in the back barn

Other things, however, have a romantic, rusty charm to them.

cash register serial number


As you can see, I have a “thing” for a sepia filter.


Places like this have a sort of haunting allure about them.  I like to be right in the middle of all of that feeling, capturing as much as I can – usually with the camera on my phone.

hog stall perspective shot

It can be so nice to disappear in abandoned or partially-abandoned places like this for a little while.  When the present world around us becomes too depressing, it’s nice to know that there are still silent havens for people like me out there.  The older I get, the more I believe that I was born in the wrong time.  When I poke around in places like this, I feel like I have a chance to visit with the ghost of days gone by and I am here to tell you that these places are simply waiting for someone with the courage and curiosity to show the world that the forgotten beauty is still there.


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