The Chair. (Dun, dun, DUNNN!)


Several weeks ago I was climbing around the rafters and crawling beneath the clutter in one of the barns when I saw it.  “But how do I get to it?” I wondered.  After much shuffling of junk and risking life and limb during a precariously perched battle with a dive-bombing wasp (which turned out to be a dirt dobber), I had it.

It was so sad to be a child’s chair that I decided that I HAD to give it new life.  I brought the chair up to the front porch and began to scrape off the layers upon layers of sun-baked farm dust.

the chair 1 cropped

The finish was finished and the outlook seemed bleak, but I could see the potential.  I have a general idea of how I will be refinishing it, but I can’t spoil the big reveal.  I have only made some progress, because until now I was doing all the sanding by hand, but I did rub some oil on what I did get done just to get a general idea of the natural color of the wood and I must say, it is STUNNING!


So there’s your hint – I love the natural wood and I plan on accenting it rather than covering it.  This will not be your standard, cut-and-dry refinishing job.  This chair is going to make someone very happy when I am through with it!  Now that I have access to a palm-sized sander, I hope to have pictures up of the finished product in the coming weeks.

Anyone else done any refurbishing lately?



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