Day at the Pumpkin Patch


Hello readers!

I would like to introduce you to someone very special to me.


I call him He-Man.  He’s pretty great.  I mean, how many twenty-something men would take a crazy girl like me to a pumpkin patch? 🙂


We are blessed to live in an area with our very own pumpkin patch.  It’s really quite amazing.  Many families bring their children out to take fall pictures for Christmas cards and whatnot.  He-Man thinks I like places like this because I’m still so childlike.  You can come to your own conclusions 😛


Now I need suggestions for what I should do with my pumpkins.  Do any of you have a favorite pattern or should I just go ham on it with a knife?  He-Man seems to have a plan for his pumpkin, though he won’t let me in on it just yet.  He’s much like me in not wanting to ruin a big reveal.  I’ll add pictures of what we end up with as soon as we have it done.

butterfly - edited

Peace, love, and pumpkins!





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